Mareh Music 003 – Boipeba – Joakim 10″


Side A – Boiepeba – Joakim

Side B – Boipeba Dub – Joakim

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Lovingly mastered and beautifully pressed onto 10 inch vinyl in manila covers, this limited edition release is worthy of any record collection. It also represents a little piece of the magic that is Boipeba, but that will also fit perfectly into those Balearic and Adriatic settings too.

Thank you Joakim and Viva Mareh!

DJ Play: Tensnake, The Revenge, Horse Meat Disco, The Black Madonna, Mano Le Tough, Axel Boman, Pete Herbert, Faze Action, Jacques Renault, Justin Strauss, Crazy P, Chris Duckenfield, Dicky Trisco, ALFOS, KZA, Bill Brewster, DJ Rocca, Kiko Navarro, Subculture, Jonny Rock, Ruf Dug, JKriv, Sleazy McQueen, Fingerman, Selvagem, OOFT and many more.

DJ Feedback:

‘Superb release!’

‘This is really special.’
The Revenge

‘I’m back on the beach!’
Pete Herbert

‘Lovely! Love the thunder!’
Crazy P

‘Very trippy!’
Severino (Horse Meat Disco)

‘Nice one Joakim + Mareh! Sounding great to me.’
Jacques Renault

‘Really dig the dub!’
The Black Madonna

‘It’s a fusion of the tradional with the modern and it never gets old. I don’t normally reach for the dubs first but for some reason this one is so nice.’
Faze Action

‘Just great!’
Justin Strauss

‘Yes this is excellent. Best Joakim for a while. Dub great too.’
Bill Brewster ( Low Life)

DJ Rocca

‘Excellent EP. Both tracks.’
Domenic (Subculture)

‘Both great!’

‘Love it.’
Chris Duckenfield

‘Top production and a beautifully crafted track.’
Dicky Trisco

‘Excellent stuff.’
Sean Johnston (ALFOS)

‘A very special one. Love the arpeggio and the vibes.’
Kiko Navarro

Tip top. Don’t know which version I like more. Going to have to buy 2 copies.’
Ruf Dug

‘Batucada madness. Feeling the dub!’

‘Dub is crying out….work it…work me to the bone.’
Jonny Rock

“Bonkers! Love it.’

‘Been waiting for this one! Great.’

‘Amazing – I can envison the perfect moment this encapsulates.’
Sleazy McQueen

‘Classy song.’